It’s official: Pennywise is back in the studio

After false speculation and several false starts, Pennywise are finally back in the studio to begin work on their (forever) anticipated album. They said this on their Facebook page,

“In the studio working on the new album”

The band has given no further details regarding the album, but stay tuned for more updates.

The new album is supposed to finally surface next year on Epitaph Records. Pennywise’s last studio album, Reason to Believe, was released on Myspace Records back in 2008, and was their final album with original vocalist Jim Lindberg, as he left the band in 2009 and is now the frontman for The Black Pacific. The new album will be the band’s first with Jim’s replacement Zoli Teglas of Ignite.

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  1. joab10/19/2011 6:27 PM | Permalink

    Zoli left the band. They have a new singer again now.

  2. chrisdude89
    ChrisDude10/19/2011 6:53 PM | Permalink

    Are you sure he left?

  3. chipperx7
    ChippeRX710/19/2011 7:10 PM | Permalink

    I heard this as well.

  4. chipperx7
    ChippeRX710/19/2011 7:16 PM | Permalink

    He didn’t leave.

  5. joab10/22/2011 8:34 PM | Permalink

    haha then i dont know where i read that they had an audition for a new guy and the winner’s name was matt?

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