It’s official: Save Ferris is back!

After months of rumors and a lawsuit against their singer Monique Powell, it looks like the legendary 3rd wave ska band Save Ferris is officially back together with a new lineup and their first reunion show will still take place this Saturday (July 27th) at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California. On the new lineup, Monique told

“All of them love the music and are great fans. They’re just amazing musicians and I feel really lucky that we’re playing together. I think the girls are going to go mad for them. They’re so cute. They’re a fabulous, fun bunch and I love them. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have chosen any less.”

Monique was also asked if Save Ferris will continue on after the reunion show. She replied, “I’m definitely open to all of it. I didn’t expect the response to this show to be as positive as it’s been. It’s caused me to go back and sort of reevaluate what the future is going to hold. I think there are going to be more Save Ferris shows and definitely new music, which I’m working on as we speak.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Save Ferris released their last studio album, Modified, in 1999 on Epic Records. The band officially broke up four years later.

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  1. geebo
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    “Don’t be fooled, MONIQUE POWELL co-wrote 75% of the songs, co-produced 100% of the albums, financed the first EP, was the band’s first manager and booker, and chose SAVE FERRIS’s ONLY “hit” song, which, coincidentally, was a COVER. For their second single Mashburn lied about the involvement of 2 other writers. People’s inability to recognize POWELL’s immense contribution to SF can only be summed into one thing: old fashioned MISOGYNY.”-AUTHOR UNKNOWN

  2. geebo
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    The OLD band WAS asked

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