Judge says jury on ex-Lostprophets frontman’s trial may need counseling

As most of you all know, former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins is about to start his trial for having committed 24 different sex offenses, including sexually assaulting an infant not once, but twice in April of 2012, and aiding and abetting another in sexually assaulting an infant between August and October of last year.

Today, Watkins appeared in court via videolink and, though one of the two women he is going on trial with has already admitted to sexually touching a baby and taking / distributing pictures indicative of it, the singer continues to profess his innocence.

During today’s proceedings Judge Eleri Rees warned the court that, based on the potential for there to be some extremely graphic evidence presented to the jurors during the trial, some of them may need counseling:

“We need to consider what material the jury will be shown. There is the possibility that some jury members, having completed the trial may need counseling.”

The has also stated that she intends to take necessary steps to ensure that the jurors selected to serve on the trial won’t be familiar with Watkins’ musical career, which has seemingly come to an end with Lostprophets announcing their disbandment earlier this month.

We’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding this debacle surface. Ian Watkins, as well as the two women he is being tried alongside, will be appearing in court again for a case management hearing on November 12th at Cardiff Crown Court in Cardiff, Wales.


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    hang him till his feet stop kickin!!

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