Lauren Denitzio (The Measure [SA]) talks about sexism in the punk scene

Lauren Denitzio (of The Measure (SA)) has posted a somewhat lengthy, well-written piece on sexism within punk rock and how she copes.

Denitzio, self-identified as a “queer, feminist, radical, and punk” talks about the “men [who] specifically say that the scene isn’t sexist, ‘because we’re all punks and obviously that’s not cool'” as well as all the name calling, inappropriate jokes, and other derogatory gestures that are made.

Denitzio also writes, “One benefit of being in the punk scene for me, even where these things still happen, is having people around who also don’t think these things are okay.  We’re responsible to call each other out if we’re doing things that make each other feel unsafe, myself included.  No one is perfect, and I don’t expect that.  What I do expect, however, is the ability to be held accountable for your actions, to apologize and hear everyone’s experience as valid. If you’re doing something that makes me feel unsafe at a show, I don’t care how long you’ve known me, or your history interacting with women, or how much you love Sleater Kinney.  If you can’t be held accountable and apologize, then none of those other things really make a difference to me.  This applies to anything from jokes in poor taste to sexual assault.  Just because we’ve all known someone for years at shows doesn’t change them calling me a cunt, or assaulting their partner.  Once people stop making the excuse of “we’re all on the same page” and start being honest with each other, we start creating real, physical, safer spaces for everyone, not just women.”

You can read the full blog entry here.

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