Legal woes continue for Steven Klein (ex-New Found Glory)

Steven Klein, the former rhythm guitarist for New Found Glory, is currently facing some unsavory criminal charges, including lewd acts with a minor and possession of child pornography.  He is alleged to have had been involved in several sexual situations with minors, and testimony at the pre-trial hearing revealed that his ex-wife found at least 100 cell phone videos that showed young (clothed) girls watching him perform sexual acts.  You can read more about that here.

Klein was arraigned on these charges on December 12th of 2013, and New Found Glory announced on the same day that Klein had left the band due to “personal differences.”  Klein had been one of the founding members of the Florida-based band, and they have decided to carry on musically as a foursome instead of replacing him with another guitarist.  You can read more about their plans for new music right here.

The case will continue on May 22nd, and we’ll bring you updates as they happen.

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    If he is guilty of those charges, then fuck that guy.

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