Linda Ramone upset about upcoming CBGB movie

According to an article from Showbizz411, Linda Ramone, widow of former Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone, is upset that “CBGB,” a movie about the legendary New York venue of the same name, will not feature any music by the iconic punk band.

As most of you probably know, The Ramones played numerous shows at CBGB, including their very first show back in 1974. When thinking of CBGB one of the first things that should come to mind is the music of The Ramones, which is why it is so unusual that a major motion picture about the venue would not include the band’s music on its soundtrack, save for a solo recording from the band’s frontman Joey Ramone.

On top of being upset about the movie’s soundtrack, Linda is also angry about the appearance of the actor playing Johnny, because he apparently looks nothing like him. She said that “Johnny was Irish and pale. He was 27 years old. The guy they got is Puerto Rican and looks nothing like him. He’s much older. I asked them to change it, and they said, Too late. Too bad.”

“CBGB” is set to hit theaters on October 11th and it will be premiering at the 2013 CBGB Music and Film Festival. Click here to check out the film’s trailer.

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