M.O.D. apparently still together, continue working on new album

Crossover legends M.O.D. called it quits last May, but it seems that the band is still together as they are still working on their long-awaited new album Busted, Broke and American. The band writes:

“Ok folks. Here is an update on the MOD record busted broke and american. I just recieved the hard drive in the mail finally this week. Before i can tell you what my plwns are i have to open it and listen to all the individual tracks. Very happy to be working on this record locally. I have several plans to deliver a great record. It might come down to recording everything from scratch or maybe not. I will know more and keep you up to date with the progress. Time to get’er done.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the new M.O.D. record come to light. The band’s last studio album, Red, White & Screwed, was released in 2007. Last year, they posted a free download of their first song in seven years titled “Hermano”.

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