M.O.D. to begin recording new album around April

M.O.D. frontman Billy Milano announced on the band’s Facebook page that they have finished writing songs for their new album and will start rehearsing soon, and then hit the studio around April. Milano writes:

“Whats up hammerheads. Billy here. After a very tough 14 months of working on music, pissing people off, missing my boy Buster, and getting used to having the new girls at home with Emma and Buford I am happy to announce the following. The songs for the new record are written. We start rehearsal soon. We hope to record in April. I hope this record makes all the fans happy because i wrote this one for you fucking idiots! I don’t think I will ever top it ….. 
” Never trust a hardcore kid that doesn’t know Hardcore punk”
cheers.. Festivals in europe!”

M.O.D.’s last album, Red, White & Screwed, was released in 2007. Last June, M.O.D. posted a free download of their first song in seven years titled “Hermano.”

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