Members of The Wonder Years, Bayside and more talk about Green Day’s “Dookie”

Tomorrow Green Day‘s iconic album “Dookie” will turn 20. To celebrate, Fuse talked to several artists, including members of The Wonder Years, Yellowcard, and Bayside, about the impact the album had on them. Here’s what Yellowcard’s Ryan Key had to say:

“I wonder where we would be without Dookie. When I say “we” I mean the entire scene we have found ourselves in. From the opening moments of “Burnout,” young wanna-be punk-rockers everywhere felt their hair getting a little more spikey. There is something about the journey that record takes you on that is unlike anything I had heard before. There were raging pop punk anthems all over the record but I think the most notable thing is the pop sensibility that Green Day had so early on in their songwriting career. Songs like “She” and “When I Come Around” were totally outside of the box and, for me, demonstrated that we could use our style of music to write these huge, everlasting pop songs. I still reference Dookie today when I need a good kick-in-the-ass crash-course on melody writing.”

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