Midtown working on two new songs

Although Midtown originally stated that they may not continue on a full-time basis, frontman Gabe Saporta revealed in a recent interview that the reunited East Cost pop punk band has been working on two new songs for a possible new release. He stated:

“Reason one, for me, that I was so resistant to do anything [else with Midtown] was that we put so much into Forget What You Know that it would be hard to do something else after it, to follow that up. That album is pretty dark like you said, but I kinda left all my darkness there. It was like, “there, I put everything there and it’s sealed forever.” I don’t have that darkness anymore. It’s a blessing; it’s great that I was able to go through that. If we were to do something else, it wouldn’t be as intense. I would feel really weird about doing something that’s not as intense afterwards. Although I have two songs that I feel would be good for Midtown. We tried to play them…we worked on them…but also, everyone has different priorities at this point. Even though it would be nice to dream. [Laughs.]”

Midtown released their last album Forget What You Know in 2004 on Columbia Records, before calling it quits a year later.

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