Reno punk band mistaken for terrorists plotting to bomb LGBT pride parade

While stopped in St. Pete, Florida on their US tour, Reno punk act Vampirates were mistakenly identified as terrorists plotting to bomb the city’s annual LGBT Pride street festival.

They were loading their van the morning after they played Fubar Downtown and stayed over at promoter Kat Lynes’ house when a nosy neighbor became suspicious of the band, who he said had “Middle Eastern appearances” and were loading cardboard boxes with red X’s and “explosives” written on them into the van. After said neighbor tried to strike up a conversation with them and all they did was casually smile and continue loading their van, he called the cops.

When the cops got to Lynes’ apartment, the Reno punks were already on the road to their next show in Gainesville, and the officers seemed to be confused when the promoter told them the “Middle Eastern looking” men weren’t terrorists, just musicians. And those boxes that were apparently marked with X’s and had “explosives” written on them actually said “phonographic records” and had copies of the band’s new 7-inch Pizza, Beer in them. Still, police searched Lynes’ apartment.

On being mistaken for terrorists, Vampirates drummer David Masud said, “we’re pretty alternative-looking people, but we’re not terrorists,” adding that it was “pretty ridiculous” of the police to search Lynes’ apartment, though he believes they were right to respond the way they did to the neighbor’s call, as it’s “better to be safe than sorry in these situations.”

With all of that said, it’s probably worth mentioning this wasn’t the first time the Reno punk act has had a run-in with the St. Pete police. Back in March of 2013, while smoking outside the apartment of a fan who took them in for the night, police surrounded the band, guns out and everything… because the cops thought they were trying to steal their own tour van. Translation: because Florida.

And it’s also worth mentioning that, though a lot of dumb shit has happened to them in St. Pete, the band actually likes the city, which leads me to believe they’re all a bunch of self-hating whack-Os. Anyway, if you wanna catch these guys on tour, you can find out where they’ll be playing in the coming weeks below.

Vampirates US tour:

7/3/2014 – Houston – TX – White Swan
7/4/2014 – San Antonio – TX – Zombies
7/5/2014 – Austin – TX – Unicornicopia House
7/6/2014 – Ft. Worth – TX – The Cellar
7/7/2014 – Lubbock – TX – Depot Obar
7/8/2014 – Albuquerque – NM – The Warzone
7/9/2014 – Flagstaff – AZ – C-Street
7/10/2014 – Las Vegas – NV – Double Down
7/11/2014 – San Diego – CA – Help?
7/12/2014 – Los Angeles – CA – Cobalt Cafe
7/13/2014 – Santa Cruz – CA – The Catalyst Atrium
7/14/2014 – Oakland – CA – Eli’s Mile High Club
7/15/2014 – Chico – CA – Help?
7/16/2014 – Portland – OR – House Show
7/17/2014 – Portland – OR – Help?
7/18/2014 – Seattle – WA – 2 Bit Saloon
7/19/2014 – Eugene – OR – Black Forest
7/20/2014 – Ashland – OR – Club 66
7/21/2014 – Reno – NV – Ground Zero
7/26/2014 – Reno – NV – Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor

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