New Danzig album due next fall, covers album due in March

According to, the new album from Glenn Danzig’s eponymous band Danzig is due for release in the fall of next year, and his long-awaited full-length covers effort is due in March. He has also been working on an EP of Elvis Presley covers. Asked if there is any other musical ground that he is interested in covering, Glenn replied, with a laugh:

“No, probably ‘Danzig Sings Elvis’ will be about it. I’m pretty lucky in that a long time ago I started my own label. So I can just put out stuff when I want as long as I have a good distributor and no one can kick me off my own label. So I make sure that it sounds like what people expect Danzig to sound like and hopefully they’ll like the product when it comes out. That’s really all that I do.”

Danzig (the band) last released Death Red Sabaoth in 2010 through Evilive Records.

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