New Music: Rebuilder release EP to benefit Mexican-American Defense + Education Fund (feat. Elvis Costello cover)

As we told you last night, it’s not secret that there are a great number of individuals, groups, and organizations that are going to find themselves right in the literal and figurative cross-hairs of the Trump Administration over the weeks and months and years to come. It’s also not a secret that the punk scene, as usual, has been quick to act after the election, as each day brings with it news of more fundraisers aimed at helping a variety of causes stay afloat, and we’re going to let you in on as many of them as we can!

Which brings us to Rebuilder. The hard-working Boston punk band have released a two-song digital EP as a “pay-what-you-want” download, with proceeds earmarked for the benefit of MALDEF, the Mexican-American Defense & Education Fund. Here’s what the band have to say about it:

Right after we recorded “Rock & Roll In America”, we recorded these 2 tracks at Mystic Valley Recording Studios in Medford with Alex-Garcia Rivera (American Nightmare, Piebald). It’s all analog studio straight to tape. While the songs have been released on various online comps, we never made it public ourselves. “Singing For Our Future” seems more relevant then ever and we wanted to release it in order to give the proceeds to MALDEF (Mexican-American Legal Defense & Education Fund). I (Sal) am a first generation Latin-American from two immigrant parents who came to Boston, MA for education and a better way of life. The fact that an idea as simple as this could be threatened in 2016 is ridiculous. We as a band want everyone to feel welcomed and a part of a better future. MALDEF provides immigration help for those in need. Please donate what you can.

Check out the new EP, which features a cover of the Elvis Costello classic “Radio, Radio,” right here, and throw the band and MALDEF a few of your hard-earned dollars!

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