RetiredArtists promises to write songs to make your band awesome

RetiredArtists is a new startup that aims to write music for those who can’t do so themselves. According to their website, they are made up of former members of Victory Records and Bridge 9 Records bands, and are willing to write songs in whatever style you tell them, send them to you for you to learn, and never tell anyone. They’ll even come out and play the tracks for you in the studio.

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In their own words, “What do we do? We make it easy for that guy who wants to sing in a metal, hardcore, punk or rock band (but doesn’t have the music-writing friend to help him) write songs. We also make it easy for someone struggling with writing their own music in a band get consistent by writing songs that they can learn, as theirs, and branch off from there.”

They further claim that “you most likely have heard the bands we were in, but we aren’t going to be specific on this site.”

“Why play your shitty songs when you can play consistent amazing ones written by us badass guys who toured in (and with) bands whose names would make you nut yourself.”

This service starts at $175 a song, which seems like a pretty reasonable price for your artistic integrity.

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