Album Review: State Faults – “Resonate/Desperate”

State Faults is THAT band that’s doing modern post-hardcore and screamo right. It’s that simple. The way they combine genres and then blast noise at you, is second to none. They throw in metal riffs, the most intricate guitars and powering drums to cram so much into your ears, that it gets too much at times. But if you wanted a more melodic Deafheaven, it’ll be worth it.

“Meteor” and “Wildfires” are adjoined as the soul-expansive, self-indulgent poems which make State Faults all that impressive. In each second of disconnect, there’s a growing sense of inflection that’s dilated with every breath. These breaths and these dismal breaks from life represent the surreal nature of State Fault’s music and their introspective glare. It’s embossed in the most rumbling and accessible manner, which threw me back to what From Autumn To Ashes, wanted to and could have been.

They have a keen energy and deft aura cultivated. “Diamond Dust” and “Disintegration” fuel the fire with their high-octane bidding. They align perfectly to a band that’s been admired on the underground for some time now and from Tiny Engines to No Sleep, you can’t help but wish them the best. They pour themselves totally into the common ground of screamo today which a lot of bands fuck up and then drop into “Punk Goes Pop.” Well, State Faults ain’t one of them. They mirror their work into their characters musically and there’s an instant connection.

Dispatching musical violence in an audible manner is something I endorse. That raw energy and passion is what State Faults bring to the table with their subject matters. The methods that we employ serve simply as a foil for our own hearts and minds when we relate to such songs like “Amalgamation” that is as inspirational as it is evocative. You wanted a follow-up to bands like Pianos Become The Teeth, The Saddest Landscape and the other screamos in The Wave? You wanted another band that empowers? Here they are. Dig in. Thank me later.

4.5/5 Stars

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