Turbonegro cover album “Omega Motherfuckers” to feature Riverboat Gamblers, Redd Kross and more

Self Destructo Records will be releasing a Turbonegro tribute album titled “Omega Motherfuckers” in early August.  The album will contain 31 tracks including covers by Redd Kross (feat. Keith Morris), Mondo Generator, Dunderbeist, Scandinavian Cock (featuring Andy LaPlegua of CombiChrist and Bill Kelliher of Mastodon), Blood Tsunami, Riverboat Gamblers, The Hip Priests, Mustang and more.

You can stream 6 of the songs here.

Turbonegro released their last album, “Sexual Harassment” through Volcom Entertainment in 2012.

Pre-order here.

01. Big Al – “Stay Free”
02. Red Kross (featuring Keith Morris) – “Wasted”
03. Epic Problem – “Nihilistic Army”
04. Die Models – “F.U.C.Kaye”
05. The Hip Priests – “Welcome To The Garbage Dump”
06. Dunderbiest – “Remain Unteamed”
07. Grand Cafe – “Mister Sister”
08. Mustang – “You Give Me Worms”
09. Haggen – “No, I’m Alpha Male”
10. Jonny Manak & The Depressives – “High On The Crime”
11. Riverboat Gamblers – “Do You Dig Destruction”
12. The Dirty Callahans – “Train Of Flesh”
13. Scandinavian Cock – “FTW (Fuck The World)”
14. Varon Y Los Dandies – “D.I.B. (It’s Drenched In Blood)”
15. Beerserkers – “I Gotta Knife”
16. The Dukes Of Deliciousness – “Shake Your Shit Machine”
17. Black Chrome – “Locked Down”
18. Final Assault – “Final Warning”
19. Against The Grain – “I Want Everything”
20. Disidente – “Hello Darkness”
21. Skrewtape – “All My Friends Are Dead”
22. Superrifs – “We’re Gonna Drop The Atom Bomb”
23. Christmas – “Ride With Us”
24. Svolk – “Do You Dig Destruction”
25. Apocalypse Dudes – “Gimme Some”
26. Blood Tsunami – “Boys From Nowhere”
27. Sinners Sinners – “Buried Alive”
28. Mondo Generator – “Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed”
29. Lesbian Bitches From Mars – “Sell Your Body (To The Night)”
30. Turbojugend Kokomo – “Le Saboteur”
31. Let’s Get Sushi And Not Pay (w/Kevin Cole) – “Do You Dig Destruction” *

* bonus track

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