Streetlight Manifesto calls for boycott of Streetlight Manifesto merch, album to be released this summer

Yeah, I did a double-take, too. Streetlight Manifesto is calling on their fans to “to please boycott all Streetlight related items by not purchasing any of our records or merchandise from Victory’s website, any traditional CD stores, online third party retailers or any digital distribution service (iTunes, Amazon etc).” Instead, they are urging people to buy straight off their affiliated website of The RISC Group. due to a long-lasting feud between the band and the aforementioned label, who they signed with nearly ten years ago. You can read the band’s personal explanation and reasoning over here.

Additionally, the post comments on the new album’s status:

“As many of you know, we are in the final stages of recording our new album. It will be out and available this summer, whether via Victory, or some other method. We refuse to let our constant battles with our own record label hold back the album’s release (we can take nearly forever to finish an album on our own, thank you very much) and we look forward to being free from Victory’s clutches once our contract with them ends this summer.”

So, there you have it, a (semi) firm time frame for a new album. Maybe the world really is ending…

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