Sublime With Rome to begin recording new album in November

Sublime With Rome have announced that they will be entering the studio in November to begin recording their second album, which will be their first since 2011’s Yours Truly, and their first without drummer Bud Gaugh, who has been replaced by Josh Freese. About the album, frontman/guitarist Rome Ramirez told

“We already have some songs and stuff we’ve been working on. That’s what this tour is — we’re doing some of the old favorites and some of the stuff we’ve been working on in the studio and backstage and stuff like that. We have a shit-ton of parts and probably have five or six songs completed, half the album.”

The new album is being self-produced by the band, but Rome noted, “I’ve been talking to a couple of people I would like to bring on board. I would be doing a lot of the album, but there’s obviously some people who are so talented and bring so much to the music I’d really want to involve them in the project and get their ideas in here.”

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