Take It Back! streaming 3 new songs featuring new vocalist

Talk about being asleep at the wheel.  Somehow it managed to escape my attention that the lead singer of Christian melodic hardcore act Take It Back! left the band last August.  As a trained, pretend-professional, punk music blogger there’s really no excuse for this lapse of coverage, especially since I really like this band, but I’m about to make it up to you punk news readers right now because there’s been a recent development.  A development that even the band has failed to announce yet and we’re going to beat them to it right… NOW.

Take It Back! is streaming 3 brand new tracks on their MySpace page which feature their new singer which may or may not be Keevan Merrill who helped the band out vocally on tour after former singer Nick Thomas left the band.  The songs are simply titled “Track 1”, “Track 2” and “Track 3” and man, the new singer sounds nothing like the old one.  Not sure how I feel about this yet.  Give them a listen and judge for yourself whether this is an improvement or not.

Take It Back! released their last album, “Atrocities,” last year on Facedown Records.  Nick Thomas left the band amicably to pursue academic achievements.

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  1. Kyle11/14/2010 12:37 PM | Permalink

    Whoa. What the hell happened? I was so excited when I saw this news just after I decided to start visiting this site and honestly, I wasn’t very into Nick’s vocals but he wrote some very powerful lyrics. I miss the Can’t Fight Robots days with Zack as the lead singer. Hopefully this new lead singer will make the old songs sound better live.

  2. dying
    Johnny X11/15/2010 11:06 PM | Permalink

    It is sorta weird. Like his vocals or not, Nick had a pretty distinctive voice and this band sounds really different now. Will be interesting to see how fans receive the new sound…

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