Album Review: The Hotelier – “Home, Like Noplace Is There”

“Home, Like Noplace Is There” is melodic-emo done right. Visceral, soul-pondering and heart-piercing music. The Hotelier has an altruistic sentiment that makes their catchy, simple and laid-back music seem that much more attractive. There are few records with heart and soul that make you reflect but this offers a deep introspective feast that requires great contemplation. That’s how powerful they get!

“An Introduction To The Album” acts as a neat electric-guitar intro to the pop-punkish “The Scope Of All This Rebuilding” which is a multi-vocal, pop-punk rager. The band loves to churn out catchy, quirky yet telling material and their narrative’s never been stronger. “Among The Wildflowers” shows just why. It ranges from melodic-emo to a more screamo path a la Thursday during the Waiting era. There are subtle nods to bands like Mineral as well and little folk-punk tidbits sprinkled here and there as the band shot for and win via a cool, calm and collected alternative sound. The guitars are starry, sometimes shoegaze, and warm to fit their storytelling and angsty lyrics.

“Discomfort Revisited” adds a bit of flair yet grit to their music. The finesse and panache on tap seem so perfect as the production quality comes off nothing short of polished. The second half of the record pays tribute to American Football and Penfold with a more restrained vibe but it still doesn’t hold back on the emotional content. I can see this band being lumped into the emo-revival category although I’ve said it time and time again — emo never died. What’s more fitting is that The Hotel Year, in their new name, seem more mature and wise. The music is on a sage-like level and it’s as potent as they could have dreamed of, I’m sure. There’s too much diversity here to miss. Grab it.

4/5 Stars

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