The Story So Far vocalist confronts security at Montreal Warped Tour show

Video has come out showing The Story So Far vocalist Parker Cannon jumping off stage during their set at Montreal’s Warped Tour and fighting security guards who are mistreating fans. Check it out below.

It’s great that bands are standing up for their fans, but it feels empty when bands themselves are still being mistreated, and told to lighten up when they speak out. If this is a community that looks out for each other (as the title of the story where we found this video called it), then by all means, the fans should be defended against brutality, but when the fans are sexually assaulting band members on stage, and the comment sections here and elsewhere are full of apologists telling the musicians to change careers instead of telling fellow fans to, you know, not assault people, then the community still has a LONG way to go as far as looking out for each other. Bands who are willing to stand up to brutality from the outside need to defend their peers when it comes from within, as well.

Here’s another video with a better view of the security guard actually throwing the kid on the ground pretty violently:

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