Toh Kay to Victory Records: “Shame on you”

The battle between Streetlight Manifesto and Victory Records continues to rage on, as Toh Kay officially responds to claims of copyright infringement against his own music video; claims which were made by Victory hours after it was uploaded.  He tweets:

“@VictoryRecords: Reports of your douchebagery have been grossly underestimated. Even the wealthiest of bullies can’t kill music. Shame on you.”

Toh Kay also tweeted what appears to be a brief conversation between himself and “TB” (assumedly, Tony Brummel, owner of Victory Records):

“TB: You want a war?
TK: No, I just want you to leave me alone.
TB: You just dug your grave, boy.”

The two will part ways on April 30th, as the band releases “The Hands That Thieve,” which will be the last album they are contractually obligated to release via the label. They will be co-releasing the album on their own label Pentimento Music Co., along with an acoustic companion album by Toh Kay, and a live EP to accompany pre-orders. Check out our review of the record here.

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