Victory Records to begin layoffs if Spotify does not restore catalog

Two weeks ago we reported that Victory Records‘ entire catalog was pulled from Spotify over royalty disputes. This was one of the dramas surrounding the label in recent times, including their lawsuit against Streetlight Manifesto. The news on the street now is coming from Tony Brummel himself over at The International Business Times where he has announced that the label may have to start making cuts to its staff and bands if the internet streaming service does not restore its catalog.

Brummel notes:

“They are going to force me to drop artists and lay off staff”

“They are over 70 percent of our monthly digital sales, sorry to curse but in a few months — I am f—ed.”

Technically, for the last two weeks since this began, Victory Records has been without any income. The label has been in pursuit of their check and is requesting that the artists’ music be re-uploaded to Spotify with all the meta data and streaming info (including number of streams) untouched. We will be sure to keep you updated with details on this unravelling as they become more available.


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  • Has there always been drama with this label? On a side note, I really miss Snapcase. lol

    rabbit Reply:

    pretty much… long as i can remember, anyway. before this whole drama i can’t remember … a single time that i saw an article with the words ‘victory records’ in it that didn’t focus on yet another band getting fucked sideways by the label.

    fuck em.

  • I’m glad. Victory is a vicious label and that should happen. Hopefully this means the Streetlight guys will be “laid off” so they can finally escape the contract.

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