Video: A cringe-worthy interview with NOFX

If that fan-made Masked Intruder video made you feel awkward, you really just aren’t gonna want to watch this interview the guys in NOFX did during their recent appearance on Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer’s new web series Sound Advice.

If you’re feeling brave, you can watch the (obviously scripted and intentionally awkward) interview in all its cringe-worthy glory below.

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  1. smash
    Smash7/3/2014 4:20 AM | Permalink

    I believe this is a sketch, not a regular interview. It’s obvious.

  2. imaturmomzhouse

    I believe you didn’t read the post to see I said exactly that in the second paragraph.

  3. smash
    Smash7/5/2014 4:25 AM | Permalink

    OK man, relax, you are right, too. I can’t read all the comments.
    Also here is a place to say our opinion, so you will see two-three common views.

  4. imaturmomzhouse

    1) I was relaxed. Don’t know what lead you to believe I wasn’t but it’s cool

    2) I feel like you didn’t get what I was saying… I wasn’t talking about about your opinion, I was just telling you I said exactly what you said in your initial comment, but in the second paragraph of the actual story, and that you would have seen it and not posted “I believe this is a sketch” had you actually read the story.

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