The 25 Best Punk Albums of 2014 (Dying Scene Readers Choice)

After nearly 1,000 submissions, a crap load of tedious data entry, and a crash course on using pivot tables in excel, the results are officially in for your choices of the 25 best punk albums released in 2014.

Check out the list and discover some great new albums here.

25. The Interrupters – s/t







24. Only Crime – “Pursuance”







23. Off! – “Wasted Years”







22. The Hotelier – “Home, Like No Place Is There”







21. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – “Are We Not Me? We Are Diva!”







20. Comeback Kid – “Die Knowing”







19. Iron Reagan – “The Tyranny Of Will”







18. Banner Pilot – “Souvenir”







17. Pennywise – “Yesterdays”







16. Morning Glory – “War Psalms”







15. Restorations – “LP3”







14. The Shell Corporation – “Mandrake”







13. Mad Caddies – “Dirty Rice”







12. The Gaslight Anthem – “Hurt”







11. Swingin’ Utters – “Fistful Of Hollow”







10. The Copyrights – “Report”







9. Joyce Manor – “Never Hungover Again”







8. Rise Against – “The Black Market”







7. PUP – s/t







6. Masked Intruder – “M.I.”







5. Lawrence Arms – “Metropole”







4. The Menzingers – “Rented World”







3. Rancid – “Honor Is All We Know”







2. Against Me! – “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”







1. Lagwagon – “Hang”








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  • So pleased to see The Shell Corporation in there! Mandrake is an excellent album as are their previous releases. It’s great to see them getting a bit of recognition at last.
    This list just goes to show what a strong year 2014 was for punk releases and proves that punk music is still alive and well and the scene is thriving.
    Here’s to some more great music in 2015! Cheers.

  • Surprised Pears isn’t on there, honestly the only bands I agree with in the top ten are PUP and Joyce Manor, most of the others just show how boring most people’s taste is. Rancid and Lagwagon? Seriously? 2014 was an awesome year for punk rock– with tons of great new acts and amazing albums, we don’t have to travel back to the fucking 90s for good music.

  • Well said Carson Winter. It’s time to move on. We Will Fly, Class Of ’86, White Stain. These bands are where it’s at now. It’s nice to hear new music from the bands that introduced my of us to the world of punk. But best album of the year? Sorry, but no.

  • No Counterpunch or Forus? But we have the new Rancid and Joyce Manor? Shame.

  • really nice

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