11 Songs to Jumpstart Your Week (Curated by DS Resident Renaissance Man, Anarchopunk)

11 Songs to Jumpstart Your Week (Curated by DS Resident Renaissance Man, Anarchopunk)

Hey there comrades! Your favorite molotov cocktail waiter, Anarchopunk here with a perfect playlist to kick of your work week. If you’re unfamiliar with my work, there’s not much that I don’t do around here. In addition to hosting the official podcast of Dying Scene, I also manage the exclusive premieres, and try to chronicle every show possible in picture form for the DS Instagram page. Today’s playlist has a great balance of emerging artists as well as some older more well known acts from just about every genre you can think of. Variety is what I’m all about! Check it out below¬†and remember, you don’t hate Mondays, you hate Capitalism.

1. Rent Strike – “II: The Road Giveth..”

If you don’t know about Rent Strike, we need to talk. The new EP IX is already a top contender for my albums of the year for 2018. Incredible folk album and fuck you if you don’t like it.

2. Younger Then Neil – “In Our Genes”

This ska outfit from Denver will hook you one way or another. If it’s not the brass, it’s the clever writing or the subtle, shredding guitar riffs or the catchy choruses or the heartfelt vocals or the upbeat energy or…..

3. The Venomous Pinks – “Mantis”

Ever since I saw these ladies perform at PRB – Vegas, I’ve been a fan. So much thrash!

4. The Shell Corporation – “Fuck ‘Em”

Is anyone else “crap your pants” excited about the new Shell Corp album? No? Ummm….me either…

5. Direct Hit! – “Paid in Brains”

Pop some ‘scripts and enjoy one of my favorite current Fat Wreck bands.

6. Wolf-Face – “Death to Wolf Poseurs”

The only thing better than this song was the video for it (that appears to be removed from the Youtubes now). They must’ve really pissed Metallica off (again)!

7. Propagandhi – “Victory Lap”

One of my favorite tracks from my favorite album of 2017! Certified face melter.

8. Hans Gruber & The Die Hards – “Monster Within”

Awesome name. Awesome songs. Awesome music.

9. Spanish Love Songs – “The Boy Considers¬†His Haircut”

The music from this SoCal act always makes me a little verklempt. Give me a second to compose myself. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic. What’s better, SLS’s songwriting on their music composition? Discuss.

10. Against All Authority – “Nothing to Lose”

These guys were playing impeccable skacore before it was even labeled skacore. I think I’ve included an AAA song on every playlist I’ve ever made since the early 90’s…

11. Caskitt – “Friday Night Lightweights”

Yea, yea, yea. We know, “It’s Monday!” Well, Matt Caskitt and the lads are always ready to party like it’s Friday, even if you’re not! Fuck you! Get Pumped!

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