2011 Harvest Of Hope Fest canceled

2011 Harvest Of Hope Fest canceled

harvest-of-hope-festOrganizers for the St. Augustine, Florida, music festival, Harvest Of Hope Fest, have announced that there will be no 2011 spectacular.  The coordinators cited simply a lack of time and resources as the reason for the abandonment.  Read the original statement here.

The Harvest Of Hope Fest is a three-day, multiple stage alternative music festival that, for the past two years, has benefited and raised awareness for the Harvest of Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides financial, educational, and medical aid to migrant farmworkers all over the country.“Sadly, we are announcing that the 2011 Harvest of Hope Fest in St. Augustine, Florida has been officially canceled. Organizing the 2009 and 2010 Fests were enormous undertakings and at this time the Harvest of Hope Foundation and St. Johns County do not have the resources and time to put together a 2011 Fest.

On the positive side, as a result of the 2009 and 2010 Fests, the Foundation and other promoters have organized and continue to organize smaller musical benefits to raise needed funds for migrant farmworkers and their families. To all of you, our deep appreciation for sticking by the Harvest of Hope Foundation, attending our events, dedicating your musical craftmanship and talent, and staying true to those who harvest and produce our food.

Thank you for recognizing that Migrant Farmworkers earn our support!”

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