AFI provide a lengthy description of upcoming album “Crash Love”

AFI provide a lengthy description of upcoming album “Crash Love”

afi-crash-love2I am absolutely convinced that AFI has the best marketing team in the music industry.  For the last couple months they seem to come up with something newsworthy about the band’s upcoming album “Crash Love” almost daily without actually letting anybody hear so much as one full-track from the album.  Today’s marketing gem comes in the form on a lengthy, but well written, description of the forthcoming release.

A few noteworthy snippets:

Crash Love is certainly not a concept album or rock opera by any stretch, but the songs are generally connected by a greater theme…

“I am so proud of this record. I really believe it’s the best AFI record. It honestly feels like we’ve made our first truly timeless record.

…we ended up with sort of a ‘Shabby Chic’ recording aesthetic: The sounds we came up with separately could be really rough and abrasive but assembled together they created an end result that was really beautiful.

“Crash Love” hits stores September 29th on Interscope Records.

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