Aficionado throw in the towel

Aficionado throw in the towel

After 9 years of being a band, Albany NY’s Aficionado have announced they are officially calling it a day. Here’s what frontman Nick Warchol had to say:

“Since I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was live the “band life”…revolve everything around music, do nothing but create, record, and then get in a van, travel around and play shows with my friends. For the past couple of years that was my life and I’m really grateful for that experience.

Thanks so much to Chris Hansen of No Sleep Records for taking a chance on us. Thanks to Phil Battiato at the Agency Group for working his ass off and getting us on a bunch of awesome tours. Thanks to anyone who ever cared about what we were doing, all the bands we’ve played with, all the people who ever came out to see us, everyone who gave us a place to crash, or supported us in any way.

I’d especially like to thank all past members who gave their time and energy to this project. I’m honored that I had the chance to make music with you assholes.

Sometime within the next couple of months there will probably be a last show here in Albany. Some of us, myself included, are going to continue on with a new musical projects of some kind. Stay tuned for those.

-Nick Warchol

The band’s last release, a self-titled album was released on July 26th, 2011, on No Sleep Records.

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