Aires And Graces calls it quits, members form new band Happy Noose

Aires And Graces calls it quits, members form new band Happy Noose

After touring the greater part of the United States and releasing three seven inches, a cd, and changing line ups Aires and Graces has called it a day. The band stopped performing as Aires and Graces in June 2010, but has been involved in a number of projects recently. While singer Ian continues to perform with Trainyard bass player Ryan and Guitarist Timothy have formed Happy Noose with friend and drummer John.

Happy Noose comprises of three individuals with over twenty bands under their belt. The multi-generational band has members in their 20’s, 20’s, and 40’s with performance experience from the 1980’s, 90’s, 2000’s and now 2010. But rather than being boring and complacent with their approach Happy Noose pulls influences from a broad-spectrum creating their own unique sound.

“A major contributing factor to deciding to end Aires and Graces was the overall realization that our sound was shifting away from the Oi!/punk genre that we occupied. It had become obvious that we were no longer going down the same path that Aires and Graces had become accustom to.” states guitarist Timothy. “While it was fun, it became restricting, and we want to be play music free of those restrictions. That is what punk is about right?” continues Ryan.

Happy Noose is currently finishing up the writing of their first album, and booking local engagements. For more information on Happy Noose visit

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