Album Premiere: Cold Feelings (street punk) – “American Industry”

Album Premiere: Cold Feelings (street punk) – “American Industry”

Good morning, punk fans.  Today we’re going to help you wake up with a serious dose of good old fashion street punk.  It comes to you in the form of a full album premiere from Sacramento’s Cold Feelings and their debut release “American Industry”.  Give it a listen right here.

“American Industry” is due out February 22nd on Oi! The Boat Records (pre-orders begin February 8th).

[Audio:01-american-industry.mp3, 02-with-you.mp3, 03-older-now.mp3, 04-in-between.mp3, 05-pain-and-ecstacy.mp3, 06-ordinary.mp3, 07-germantown.mp3|titles=American Industry, With You, Older Now, In Between, Pain And Ecstacy, Ordinary, Germantown|artists=]

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