Album Review: Does It Matter – “A Patriot’s Pride”

Album Review: Does It Matter – “A Patriot’s Pride”

does-it-matter-a-patriots-pride1Does It Matter is a melodic metal-ish, punk/thrash band from Jacksonville, Florida. “A Patriot’s Pride” is their first release put out DIY because as yet the band remains unsigned, which is unbelievable to this reviewer.

Instrumentally these guys play fast, hard hitting, metal tinged punk rock.  Vocals are melodic, but in that gritty, angst filled style that give their songs a catchiness without losing that pissed-off edge.

“A Patriot’s Pride” tares through 10 fist pumping, steering wheel pounding anthems before winding down with an acoustic tune to close the album with.  These days, finding an album that you can listen to all they way through without being tempted to hit the skip button is rare.  To find that in an unsigned punk band is even more rare, but in “A Patriot’s Pride” Does It Matter proves it can still be done.

Literally every song on this album is great.  You might even say that most of the songs are Awesome, particularly the first 3 tracks.  The song “Mankind” made me want to quit my day job and start a record label just so I could sign them and be the first to hear more from them.  Most of you reading this won’t have heard of this band before but Does It Matter?  Hell no!  Go give this album a listen!

Best Songs: “Mankind”, “A Patriot’s Pride”, “Savannah”

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