Album Review: Gunner’s Daughter – “Trust Us When We Tell You”

Album Review: Gunner’s Daughter – “Trust Us When We Tell You”

“Trust Us When We Tell You,” the sophomore EP from Chicago’s Gunner’s Daughter, was released via Death To False Hope Records on August 2nd, 2011.

This EP is 100% pure punk rock greatness from front to back. It shows off the band’s ability to stay consistent throughout a full EP, and at the same time continually emphasizes the importance of slight changes. There’s only one real downside: when it’s over you wish there was more!

“Trust Us When We Tell You” starts off with a song called “Grindstone,” which is a mid-tempo song with booming bass and palm-muted power chords during the verse but once the ever-so-catchy chorus hits an amazing lead guitar line comes to light and races on after the chorus. The song then ends with somewhat of a breakdown.

The second track, “A High Fidelity Moment,” is a faster song that resembles more of a hardcore punk song, with rougher vocals and a punchier guitar riff than the previous track. These elements all help diversify the songs of this EP. After a few repeats of the chorus and a bridge or two the song wraps up with a melody-filled outro which I, personally, am a big fan of.

The third track, “22 Degrees & Falling,” starts off with yet another instrumental intro but this time there is also some type of piano or keyboard included in the mix, further diversifying the sound of the EP. After a few seconds of the instrumental intro the song bursts into what could easily be confused with any Off With Their Heads song (and trust me, that’s a good thing). This track is filled to the brim with beautiful backup vocals and it even includes a lead guitar line that makes it seem more heartfelt and at the same time, more desperation-filled than any other song on the EP.

To wrap up this masterpiece the band put “Late Night Remedies” on the end. This track seems like the most anthem-like song on the EP. The melodic guitar riffs and backup vocals make a return one last time in this song and the band even threw in some echoing shouts on certain lines. To put the icing on the cake, the track comes to a close with a beautiful outro with a Bouncing Souls-ish guitar solo layered on top.

All-in-all this is an amazing EP, which deserves a 5 star review and is totally worth picking up for the small price of FREE!

I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the least with it but I can’t guarantee you won’t be pissed that there are only four tracks. But hey, that’s what the repeat button is for!

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