Album Review: Intro5pect – “Record Profits”

Album Review: Intro5pect – “Record Profits”

intro5pect_record_profits“Record Profits” is the third release from political “digital punk” pioneers Intro5pect. For those unfamiliar with the band’s sound, think modern day electronica mixed with the speed and angst of late 90’s political punk rock.

Like the band’s previous release, “Record Profits” sacrifices quantity for quality and is comprised of only 7 tracks. Musically, fans can expect no major variance from the band’s signature techno infused speed punk with alternating male/female vocals.

The first track “Work To Live” is immediately recognizable as an Intro5pect classic with a speedy sing-along chorus and some awesome techno breakdowns. “Fuck Your Flag” is an aggressive political song, which you may have guessed from the title, with a dualing male/female vocals chorus. For me, the song is good, not great. “Sound Is The Enemy” is a cool song with some cool whoa-oh-ohing backups which I thought were pretty cool. The next song, “Collateral” is a great political punk anthem complete with fist pumping chorus and sound clips of political speeches about wars dubbed over instrumentals breakdowns. Probably my favorite track on the release. “The System” is a short song with a lot of chanting/yelling “Fuck The System! Fuck The System!” which I guess stays true to the bands ethos but to be honest is a skip-button track for me. “Turnaround” is a good, straight up punk rock song, which brings us to the final song “Plastic World”. This song is a Naked Aggression cover sung by Sara, Intro5pects female vocalist, and I definitely like this version best.

All in all, this is a really solid album, and a must have for Intro5pect fans and/or fans of hard-driving political punk in general.

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