Album Review: My Live In Black And White – “Bottles, Our Breakdown”

Album Review: My Live In Black And White – “Bottles, Our Breakdown”

My Life In Black And White may come from the rain soaked streets of Portland, Oregon but the gloomy weather does nothing to quiet the intensity these guys deliver in their folk infused punk rock.

“Bottles, Our Breakdown” is the band’s sophomore release containing 10 folk/punk tracks that will have you alternately pumping your fist, slapping your thigh while stomping your foot, or gazing out at the horizon in quiet reflection. The fist pumping starts right away with the album’s first track “Sink or Swim” but for the next 9 tracks My Life In Black And White deliver a diverse set of tunes that range from the slower, thoughtful “Michael Corleone”, to the knee slapping folk anthems like “Gunslinger” and “Broken White Lines”. One thing’s for sure, no matter what speed they’re playing at MLIBW delivers genuine lyrics and great songwriting on every track of this album.

Folk/Punk is a genre that doesn’t get much recognition and, to be honest, until I heard this album, didn’t get much attention from this reviewer either, but that has since changed. “Bottles, Our Breakdown” has got me looking forward to what comes out of the genre and especially to hearing more from My Life In Black And White.

Best Songs: “Sink or Swim”, “Gunslinger”, “Broken White Lines”

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