Album Review:  Part Time Killer – “Fuck The World” 7-inch

Album Review: Part Time Killer – “Fuck The World” 7-inch

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Hands up.  Who else got a little teary back in 2007 when Flippin’ Beans called it day?  I have no shame in admitting that I did.  Luckily, a drummer named Eppu showed up to remind the members of how awesome it was to be in a punk rock band and Part Time Killer was formed.   If like me, it feels like you’ve been waiting forever for the release of their 7 inch, Fuck The World, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone.

While not straying too far from the path that the Beans had already paved, the new release from Part Time Killer stands on its own as one of, if not, the best 7 inch released in 2010.  There, I said it.  In four short songs, they’ve delivered a shining example of short, fast, tight, take no prisoners punk rock.

The 7 inch has everything.  In a minute and half title track Fuck The World’s fast drumming, furious power chords and consistent gang vocals demanding ideas and action to save the planet makes a persuasive case for this EP’s brilliance.

Drummer Eppu, runs the entirety of Your Life Story with mind-blowing stroke rolls. It’s some of the finest and fastest punk drumming you’ll ever hear.  Which makes me pose the question, how does someone so skinny make beats so phat?  Kill ‘em All is politically charged with oodles of guitar-driven energy to back it up.  It’s the slowest track yet maintains enough pace to keep a mosh pit in the rafters.  Honestly, slower would be a better description than slowest.

Finally, the release comes to a close with Rise Against. The cut is a complete lyrical attack against both Rise Against and AFI and the scene that surrounds both bands in general.  ‘It’ll come from your heart, not what you wear’, is the lyric that sums up the song perfectly.

Limited to only 300 pressings world-wide, any punk would be a fool not to own this.  I bought two.  Hopefully, the wait for their next release won’t be as long as it was for this one because I have no doubt that the needle is going to wear through this piece of vinyl in a matter of weeks through heavy rotation.  The release is available through some of the world’s best independent labels including Toy Bomb and Pee Records.  Buy it now, but head on over to their MySpace page while you wait for it to arrive.  Seriously.  Do it.  NOW!

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