Album Review: Sunning – Lock &  Key

Album Review: Sunning – Lock & Key

These guys are harmless in all the right ways. Their poor graphic designs compliment their lackluster recordings perfectly. When their message appeared in my inbox, it was sent in one of those irritating one line paragraphs that you need to scroll sideways to read (sent tastefully from one of their iPhones). In many ways Sunning fails to come off as “professionals”, but it is this quality that I found so endearing. You can tell that these guys aren’t trying to be anything other than a bunch of friends playing music they like; a quality that is incredibly difficult to convey sonically.

Sunning’s debut EP, Lock and Key, is a relaxing five songs that leaves the listener exactly where they were before listening… Which isn’t a bad thing! You can tell that this release lacks a certain “umph!” that other bands possess. But what they lack in strength, they gain tenfold in honesty. Their power lies in the uncompetitive nature of their song writing; it is this quality that makes them standout.

They have a long way to go as musicians and songwriters, but their potential shines enormously. There are some awkward time changes  and missed notes that exemplify the fact that this band is new and learning, however they have the right mentality to create something of immense substance in the near future.

I am very happy to have stumbled upon Sunning’s EP, which you can download for free from their bandcamp page. Check it out, tell your friends, and keep your ear to the ground for their next release.

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