Album Review: The Braces – “I’m Telling Everyone”

Album Review: The Braces – “I’m Telling Everyone”

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“The right thing to do, is be comfortable in your own shoes”-Living Is Dying, off of The Braces sophomore album I’m Telling Everyone.

Straight forward pop/punk can be hard to find these days. Rather than just playing fun, enjoyable music, most pop/punk bands want to spice things up and add a bunch of unnecessary twists to their music. The Braces have decided that the music they play shouldn’t focus too hard on being “different” or “unique”, it should focus having fun and playing what you love. Their sophomore release I’m Telling Everyone is a testament to that mentality; with a couple of guitars, a bass, and drums, The Braces have created an upbeat, enjoyable sound that is really rare these days.  No flashy guitar solos, repetitive keyboards or screaming, just simple three chord punk full of angst and frustration. Fast and heavy, melodic and catchy, this album is pure entertainment.

Though The Braces may never hit the big leagues, that doesn’t mean they are childish. I’m Telling Everyone is roots pop-punk, that yes, may have been done before, but is a breath of fresh air to hear it again done well.

The lovable angst of punk is stretched across the whole record, but it isn’t rooted in one or two subjects. From the frustration of not being considered good enough on the song Memory Lapse to unrequited love in a relationship found on the track I Love You, But, this album is not only a fun to bob your head to, it’s topics are relatable as well.

Singing duties are shared on I’m Telling Everyone, adding a special touch of old school pop-punk that is reminicent of Blink 182 or Akaline Trio. The voices are both distinct in their own way, one being melodic and smooth (think Mark Hoppus from Blink 182) juxtaposed by the other being raspy and loud (think Mel Yell from NOFX). This back and forth layers the album, and reduces redundancy.

I’m Telling Everyone incorporates all the necessary elements of pop-punk.  It solidifies the fact that new music doesn’t have to be different to make it good, it has to be pure, and that is what this album undoubtedly is.  So before you give up on the scene because of All Time Low or Fall Out Boy, listen to The Braces, and re-live the pop-punk’s true glory days.

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