Album Review: The Jettison Commitment – “This Changes Everything” EP

Album Review: The Jettison Commitment – “This Changes Everything” EP

jettison-commitment-this-changes-everythingThe Jettison Commitment is a five piece progressive harcore/metal act hailing from London, Ontario.  The band has recently begun making a name for themselves with the release of their debut EP, “This Changes Everything”, which I have the pleasure of reviewing for you all right now.  So let’s get to it, shall we…

The EP opens with your good, old fashioned 30 second piano/violin intro.  It’s been done before but the soothing melodies do a nice job of enhancing the explosion of sound in store for the listener when the first real track, “Cuts Hurt Kids” begins.  From the get go it’s clear The Jettison Commitment know how to play their instruments with an intensity worthy of comparisons to Thrice in their heavier days.  Plenty of technical guitar work, transitions, and breakdowns.  Vocally, it would be safe to classify this band as screamo with constant transitions between melodic singing and screaming and it works well for them (think Senses Fail).  On “Cuts Hurt Kids” and “Double Rye And Coke” there are a fair amount of group sung/shouted choruses which I’m sure will be crowd favorites at shows, and great songs to shout along to in the car.

“Double Rye And Coke” is the next track on the EP and my personal favorite, perhaps because it sounds so much like a song you’d find on a Senses Fail album like “Still Searching”.  It’s fast and heavy with a good ratio of screaming to melody in the vocals and some great group shouting/singing verses.

“Question Number One” stays heavy but slows things down considerably, maybe a little too much for my liking, but “The Tide’s Rising” picks things up again swiftly.

The album concludes with “Satin Finish”, easily the heaviest of the tracks with the most screaming/growling on the vocals but lots of good transitions vocally and instrumentally.

Overall this album is a great first release for a band emerging on a scene overrun with too many bands that sound exactly the same.  “This Changes Everything” exemplifies that The Jettison Commitment have the song-writing capability and musical talent to differentiate them from the mediocre and I’m looking forward to hearing a full-length from these guys in the future.

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