Alkaline Trio tribute album on its way

Alkaline Trio tribute album on its way

Fans simply cannot get enough of Alkaline Trio, and neither can Pacific Ridge Records. The label is currently in cahoots with many bands to release an Alkaline Trio tribute alnbum, which will feature bands such as Ace Enders, The Wonder Years, and Allister.

Pacific Ridge are also giving the opportunity for lesser-know bands to imitate their idols with a Kickstarter page, where the label hope to raise the funds to release the album. The page also tracks the progress of the album, which appears to be steadily progressing towards the label’s goals. However, the project will only continue if the goals are met before March 1st, 4:00pm EST.

Pacific Ridge currently have 21 backers and a little over $775 out of the required $1,500 minimum.

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