ALL to reunite with Scott Reynolds again

ALL to reunite with Scott Reynolds again

ALL are once again reuniting with their former singer Scott Reynolds for at least one show at the Mohawk in Austin Texas on February 16th. A partially reunited M.O.D. (fronted by Billy Milano of S.O.D. and United Forces) will also be at the show as well as Tony Scalzo, Brewtality, Oklahomos, Flametrick Subs, Sabbath Crow and Douche Magouche. According to Reynolds’ Facebook page, more acts will play at the show.

Reynolds, who was the band’s singer from 1989 to 1993, had previously reunited with the band in 2008 for some shows, including that year’s Riot Fest in Chicago.

ALL released their last studio album, Problematic, in 2000 on Epitaph Records, but the possibility of new material from the band has been floating around for years.

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