Ambience Records releasing Lagwagon tribute album

Ambience Records releasing Lagwagon tribute album

Japanese punk label Ambience Records is releasing a Lagwagon tribute album, with all covers by Japanese bands. The album is expected to drop July 14th in Japan. No word yet on any outside release, but it is expected to make its way online in the near future. For a full tracklisting, click here.

Ambience Records previously released It’s Gonna Be ALLright! – A Tribute To ALL.

01. Dustbox – After You My Friend

02. Secret 7 Line – Black Eye

03. Meat Buns – Angry Days

04. Locofrank – May 16

05. Too Close To See – Making Friends

06. Fam – Billionaire

07. First To All – Sleep

08. Sorry For A Frog – Razor Burn

09. SpeacialThanks – Love Story

10. Live Clean Stay Young – Know It All

11. Slime Ball – Smile

12. Scream – Twenty Seven

13. S.M.N. – E Dagger

14. No Hitter – Mr.Coffee

15. Bravo★Brothers – Bye for Now

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