American Me got robbed

American Me got robbed

m_35b4af6231c449f084ef69a473078be2Portland, Oregon’s American Me woke up this morning in a town near Sacramento, Ca to find their trailer door wide open and all their equipment and merch gone. Some of this stuff was irreplaceable, and they want to get the word out to anyone who might have any information on where their stuff ended up. You can read what they had to say and exactly what was stolen on the Full Story page.

What a bad way to start out the holidays…I hope whoever took it either develops a conscience or gets caught before their belongings are long gone.

we woke up at about 730am this morning to find our trailer door wide open. we went to bed around 430am this morning at our manager’s house in antelope, california, a suburb of sacramento. if you have any information regarding this, or live in the area, please let us know if you hear of anything! any leads would help, because we will NOT be able to replace some of these things. we literally JUST GOT two guitars and a bass about 4 days ago, and some of our equipment is no longer in production. so if we can’t get them back, they cannot be replaced. we were shocked that this happened a matter of feet away from the windows to rooms we all slept in. we didn’t hear anything and have filed a police report. we will be checking all local pawn shops. we really just need any information on how to get our equipment back. we will now have to figure out how to keep our trailer secure, seeing as the latch was CUT open. we have a perfectly good lock, untouched, that can’t be used because the latch was cut off. also we will NOT be able to practice when we get home because we won’t have equipment to actually play on. my apologies about the rant, we are just simply at a loss for what just happened. here is a list of what was taken from us:

ESP LTD M305 (RED) Guitar
Schecter Solo 6 (BLACK) Guitar
Schecter S1 Elite (GREY) Guitar
Schecter Solo 6 (WHITE) Guitar
Schecter Stilletto Elite 5 (See Through Black) Bass
Line 6 X2 Wireless Transmitter
Peavey 5150 Guitar Amp Head
Peavey 6505 Plus Guitar Amp Head

AND a full bin of merch THAT WE STILL OWE MONEY ON!!! (we found the bin, but it was empty)



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