Anchor Arms working on 2nd full-length “The Morning Pistol”

Anchor Arms working on 2nd full-length “The Morning Pistol”

anchorarmsAnchor Arms is currently working on their second full-length album, which they plan on finishing up as soon as the Fest is over.  It will be their first album with new member, Nick Sessions, on bass while lead singer, James, takes on the guitar.  Here’s what James had to say about it:

… we are fininish up the writing process of our 2nd LP “The Morning Pistol”. it’s gonna have 14 or 15 songs on it i think and it’s a record that all 4 of us are REALLY happy with. Nick came in about 3/4 the way through the writing process, so we’ve been showing him the songs and he’s really added a LOT of awesome stuff to them. it’s a little more rock n’ roll, a little more pissed off, a little more urgent than our 1st record was.

Anchor Arms released their last full-length, “Cold Blooded” on Fail Safe Records in 2008.

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