Album Review: Andrew Jackson Jihad / Apocalypse Meow – “Pug Life”

Album Review: Andrew Jackson Jihad / Apocalypse Meow – “Pug Life”

It seems like Andrew Jackson Jihad has been getting a ton of attention over the last few years after Against Me! got huge and more people started listening to folk-punk. However, there isn’t much resembling punk in Andrew Jackson Jihad’s music aside from maybe their lyrics, name and their off-key singing.

First of all, I bought this for Apocalypse Meow, so I wasn’t really expecting much from AJJ. If you’ve heard them before, you pretty much know what to expect here. Acoustic instruments, very DIY-sounding recording, exasperated vocals, and ridiculous lyrics like on the first track “Island Song”: “I love this island dearly but I’ve hunted all the animals to extinction.” It’s actually a decent song, but the second one “Growing Up” is harder to listen to due to the wailing vocals (though not terrible).

Apocalypse Meow is a band fronted by Off With Their Heads drummer Justin Francis. They play super catchy, fast pop-punk in the same style as a lot of the great Lookout! bands of the past and are totally underrated in my opinion. “Rehab” is a fun song about getting drunk and watching rehab shows on television, which shows the band’s dark humor. The second song is “Where Would Jesus Work?” which comes together poking fun at the Caucasian portrayals of Jesus among white people.

Like I said, I bought this for the Apocalypse Meow side, but even the Andrew Jackson Jihad songs weren’t too bad. Mine is on white vinyl but apparently there’s an orange swirl vinyl too. Check this out if you like pop-punk because the Apocalypse Meow songs alone are worth it for the money.

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