Article: Mewithoutyou and Christian music

Article: Mewithoutyou and Christian music

toothandnailrecords8Philadelphia’s Mewithoutyou was covered in “The Atlantic.” The article discussed the genre of the band, history of the band, as well as as the influence of God in their music. The article states:

Want Christian grunge? Christian metal? Christian indie? Christian emo? Christian screamo? In 2009, you can have it all, and a lot of it is on Tooth & Nail. MewithoutYou, the label’s most interesting act, might also be its most heretical: having spiraled along the spiritual trajectory of its mercurial singer, the band now wraps up its live set with what can only be described as a Sufi worship song: “In everyone we meet / Allah, Allah, Allah!/ In everyone we meet.

You can get a better insight on this Christian rock band by checking out the article here.

Mewithoutyou’s latest album “It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright” was released on Tooth & Nail Records this past May.

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