Band Spotlight:  The Decline

Band Spotlight: The Decline

In a world where politicians leave us more often than not with ‘no comment’, The Decline is attacking issues with brutal and controversial honesty, challenging society’s problems and hypocritical attitudes with passion and conviction.  Formed in high-school in 2006 for a high school music assignment, it was the Perth collective’s driving need to rail against the world’s wrongs, and their unanimous love of punk-rock, that proved the perfect outlet for their political passions. Fast forward to 2010, and the band hauled themselves to the US to record their debut album, I’m Not Gonna Lie To You. The result is 13 tracks of fast melodic, punk-rock and each straight-up, no-bullshit track is delivered with furious passion that is proof the Australian punk scene is certainly alive, well and completely bitchin’.  Don’t believe me?  Go to their MySpace page to make up your own mind.

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