Banner Pilot re-mastering and re-releasing “Resignation Day” on Fat Wreck Chords

Banner Pilot re-mastering and re-releasing “Resignation Day” on Fat Wreck Chords

Minneapolis punk act Banner Pilot are releasing a remastered version of their 2008 album, Resignation Day, on Fat Wreck Chords.  The new version will include 2 out of print songs and is due out on September 14th.  Here’s a little something Nate (bass/vocals) wrote about it:

When we originally recorded Resignation Day back in 2007, issues came up during the recording that left us with little time for mixing. As a result, the record didn’t sound too hot. This was kind of a drag ‘cuz we didn’t feel like we did the songs justice. But! Sometimes you get a second chance; sometimes you can take something that was subpar and make it right, like when that Jason Mraz guy covered Blitzkrieg Bop. In our case, we were able to get Jacques Wait (who we worked with on our last album Collapser) to take a look at the original tracks and take a stab at remixing them. What he came up with was awesome, sounding like a new album. Usually something billed as a ‘remix’ will cause you to say “Uh, I guess the guitars are…. warmer now?” or “Oh, that’s cool that the ride cymbal has more zing in that one part now. Glad I bought this again”, but in this case we’re talking about a dramatic difference. Plus we added two more songs that are out of print, re-did the layout, and even changed around the sequencing. It’s like a whole new experience, maaan.

So if you checked out the album the first time around and didn’t dig it, give it another chance. We think you’ll like it. It’s like that one fairy tale where the first bowl of porridge kind of sucks but the second one is perfect.

Banner Pilot released their last album, Collapser, on Fat in September, 2009.

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