Ben Weasel thinks The Max Levine Ensemble sucks

Ben Weasel thinks The Max Levine Ensemble sucks

On a his radio show, Ben Weasel (The Riverdales/Screeching Weasel) recently referred to The Max Levine Ensemble as the worst band ever. Instead of whining on the internet like a bunch of crybabies (and what most would probably do), The Max pulled an anachronistic, 1990’s hip-hop move and recorded this dis/response EP. Originally released on seven-inch this is now out-of-print and unavailable anywhere else but on Quote Unquote Records.

“Complete with bits of the original radio slam from Mr. Weasel himself, this is simultaneously some dark serious shit and some really hilarious shit – one of the most unique and fulfilling seven-inchers I’ve ever owned. Well played, Max Levine.”

For a good laugh you can download the EP for free and stream the original radio broadcast right here.

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