Blink-182 playing Big Day Out 2011?

Blink-182 playing Big Day Out 2011?

What was a Twitter blunder could end up being either really good news or really bad news. As some of you may know, Blink-182 has been rumored to be part of the lineup for Big Day Out for a few years now. Well, it seems like they’ll be playing in 2011.

Either that or the guy who tweeted this rumor will become #1 on America’s Most Wanted.

Apparently, this guy Danny Clayton, who happens to be the Channel [V] presenter, “accidentally leaked” this:

Blink 182 are playing at Big Day Out. This is going to be the best BDO since 2000.”

Soon after, this loaded tweet was followed by a series of tweets that go like this:

“...turns out i wasn’t suppose to mention anything about Blink 182. Let’s forget this ever happened

Oh dear. You know when you read about those “Leaks” in the media. Turns out that’s what i am

Oh dear. I’m in trouble.”

Yeah, buddy, you ARE in trouble.

Now, this is nothing set in stone, as the official announcement for BDO will happen at the end of the month. But this seems promising. Hopefully it’s the truth. More details to come about Blink-182 and Big Day Out in general when they surface.

Blink-182 is currently working on their sixth album, their first album since their breakup and reformation.

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